Why do I have a foggy headlight?

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Why do I have a foggy headlight?
January 11th, 2021

Why do I have a foggy headlight?

Headlights make your and your fellow drivers' travel much convenient at night! But imagine when they are foggy?

You might have noticed that after leaving your car outside at night and then when you take it out for driving in the morning, numerous tiny droplets of water around your headlights. This is because once you turn off the engines, the headlight starts cooling down and starts drawing in moisture.

Studies show that severely foggy headlights can reduce visibility by up to 50%. Now, imagine driving in an area with significantly less or no streetlights with foggy headlights!


Why do your headlights get foggy?

Headlights are external fixtures which makes them susceptible to any environmental assault. Today, headlights are no longer made of glass. Instead, there is a polycarbonate hard plastic lens with a clear coat that protects the headlight bulbs.

The headlights can get foggy in two ways:


From Outside

The number one reason for this is the rapid change in weather and other external factors:

- Oxidation: The UV light from the sun directly attacks the plastic lens cover over the light bulb due to which the clear topcoat on headlights wears off, which eventually leads to a cloudy appearance.

- Dust & Dirt: Due to continuous usage, dirt, dust & chemicals from the air forms a coat on the headlights which thereby dims the light.

- Flying Debris: Gravels and other lightweight particles in the air can cause scratches on the headlights, adding to their cloudy appearance.


From Inside

This occurs very rarely, and it's going to cost a fortune! Your headlights are made of moisture tight seal. But, the climatic condition might lead to deterioration and breakage of this seal. When moisture enters from inside, the inner coating of the headlight covers gets foggy, which will cause permanent damage to the lights and it requires a replacement.

Fortunately, in most cases, foggy headlights are due to the first reason, and a simple polish will help you gain back the old shine of your headlights!


What can you do to stop the fogging of headlights?

- Park in a shady area: Always try to park your car under a tree or in a shaded area with less exposure to sunlight. This helps in reducing the fogging of headlights as well as the deterioration of paint.

- Wash your car regularly: 80% of car body issues can be sorted if you take your car for a proper car wash at least thrice a month. But a regular car wash doesn't guarantee this. Try using a car wash package that includes cleaning of headlights as well.

- Polish the headlights: A polish not only gives back the shine to your headlights but also improves the overall appearance of your car. We suggest that it's better to do a headlight polish at least once in six months.


You can get a car wash every week, use only the best products to clean the headlights yourself, park it in shade or garage, and still, your headlights can get foggy over time.

It's not your fault. Unless and until you park your car in the shade 24/7, the chances are that eventually, your headlights will get foggy.

No matter how hard you try, foggy headlights can drastically affect your cars' appearance and impair the effectiveness of the actual bulbs.

There are plenty of DIY tricks available online that you can do with the things you have at home. Toothpaste and all-in-one kits are a few examples to say. But these tasks require some elbow grease.

Yes, you can do DIY tricks to protect your headlights temporarily. But, how does a professional service provider sorts out this issue for a long time?


Professional Headlight Polishing

Headlight restoration is done in 4 basic steps:

- Sanding: removing the oxidized coating over headlights

- Polishing: removing the scratches due to dust and dirt

- Sealing: using a clear coat to seal the headlight to prevent moisture from directly affecting it.

- Fixing the water seal: to prevent condensation and the formation of moisture from inside.


Now, with Sayaraa, headlight polish has become much easier. You can book a doorstep headlight polish service and get back that shine in your headlights when you sit back and relax at your home or when you are busy at work.