Tyre Rotation -Grip like never before for a better way forward

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Tyre Rotation -Grip like never before for a better way forward
January 07th, 2020

Tyre Rotation -Grip like never before for a better way forward

What if we told you, there is an affordable alternative to tyre replacement? Yes, you might have guessed it right- TYRE ROTATION. Let us take you into some details.

Tyres undoubtedly undergo the most wear and tear due to constant contact with roads. The four tyres of your car functions differently and with maximum damages on the front tyres. The front tyres carry more than 60% of the weight and have exponentially much greater tasks to perform like steering, braking & acceleration. Whereas rear ones undergo wear due to traction and braking.

So, what is tyre rotation? It is just switching positions of your front and rear tyres, from side to side or crosswise. 
The pattern for tyre rotation depends on your wheel drive-front-wheel, rear-wheel or 4 wheel drive. For a front-wheel drive, the front tyres are moved to rear axle and rear tyres are moved to front in a diagonal manner. On a rear-wheel drive, the rear tyres move front and front tyres are fixed in rear axle in a diagonal manner. On a four-wheel drive, both front and rear tyres are moved to the rear and front positions respectively in a criss-cross manner. Changing your tyre’s position helps in even wear on all tyres and thus longer life on the tyre. 

How often should you do tyre rotation?

While most people are not keen enough to check tyre pressure regularly, only a handful of them rotates their tyres periodically for optimal performance. 

Our advice is to get your tyres rotated every six months or every 8000kms, whichever is earliest. To keep it simple, just get your tyres realigned every time you change your engine oil. 

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