Transforming auto industry through technology!!

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Transforming auto industry through technology!!
January 21st, 2020

Transforming auto industry through technology!!


Smartphones and apps have become the go-to solution for every answer you seek. Automotive services have also caught upon the app trend. A recent survey showed 72% of car buyers turning to smartphones to make their vehicle purchase and 52% of them found car accessories and spares through apps.

With these numbers, we can definitely say smartphones are revolutionizing the auto industry and has become a decision-maker in our purchasing trends.

Mobile apps are the ‘vogue’ now! This was not always the case when the first app was made. Accepted with much apprehension at first, apps now have become the most convenient gateway to many things once inaccessible.

How has it changed the automotive industry?

As we know car manufacturers are consistently introducing state-of-the-art technologies into their vehicles to make a mark and withstand competition. User comfort has always been a top priority for manufacturers across all sectors.

Auto industry has been no exception. You have apps for almost everything: controlling the entertainment systems, navigation, pollution avoidance systems, and comfort & safety solutions.

The latest cars are just as connected to the internet just like your smartphone. From movie downloads for passengers to engine performance based on usage, road conditions, speed, location, tips to avoid accidents, manage to park, and traffic flow, apps have become indispensable. Apps have indeed become the most promising way for both customers and service providers alike.

Comfort has always been a top priority for the automotive industry. Subsequently, the bond between technology and automation is relied upon to be a productive one. Considering this fact Sayaara brings services commenced with technology to give you a smart and comfortable ride.

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