STEAM WASH – An approach towards betterment

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STEAM WASH – An approach towards betterment
December 16th, 2019

STEAM WASH – An approach towards betterment

Your regular car wash leaving those terrible swirl marks and scratches on the body? Rethinking your car wash choice?

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What is the buzz about? It is just a wash with high-pressure steam. The USP of the steam wash is its sanitizing property without harsh chemicals. Yet, many car owners are reluctant to try steam wash, for the fear of ruining the car body and interiors. The facts that we are going to share will make you rethink.

When the Middle East is gearing up with other countries for a ‘GREENER TOMORROW’, we must say steam wash is a sustainable option. How? because, the steam wash is chemical-free, soap-free, solvent-free and requires less than a quarter of the water used in a normal wash. Yes, you may actually be promoting a sustainable lifestyle when you switch to steam wash.

Steam wash can be done wherever your car is. At the doorstep, or at a service centre. And in less than half time than a normal wash. Moreover, it gives a thorough clean as steam can be directed at those nooky corners otherwise unreachable by hand.

Vacuuming and hand cleaning your car interiors do not generally sanitize it. Steam is a proven technology to keep bacteria and germs at bay.  A/C vents, moldy seat covers, dirty baby car seats, and carpets will look brand new with steam clean. Your car interiors will look and smell great after a steam wash.

In short, switch to steam wash for the following advantages:

• Easy sanitization without chemicals.

• Steam wash your car anywhere- home, service centre or at the mall.

• Better results in lesser time

• Fresh smelling car interiors

• Seat covers, carpets, dashboard- no nook is spared in a steam wash.

• Keep your AC vents super hygienic with steam.

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