Lockdown car care tips

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Lockdown car care tips
April 05th, 2020

Lockdown car care tips

With UAE imposing 24-hour curfews on few Emirates, we thought it would be best to shed some light on 'Lockdown car care'. Many of our vehicles are either parked under the sun or in the safety of closed parking spaces. Let's not forget our wheels.


 Get your car a thorough clean inside out. 

  • Dirt and oil stains may leave permanent marks on your precious car. 
  • Remove all liquids and snacks from inside; you do not want them to rot inside.
  • Disinfect your car interiors.



Do not let your car batteries run out by leaving your car away for too long. 

  • Start your car in Parking/Neutral position once every 3-4 days.
  • Leave the engine running for a good 15-20 minutes.
  • Leave your doors and windows open at this time.
  • Utilize this time to check if everything is functioning properly-A/C, lights, wipers, etc.
  • Make sure your windshield and wiper blades are clean before testing out your wipers.
  • Wipe away any dust or dirt you find.



Leaving your car in the same position may introduce flat spots on tyres. This will lead to low air pressure on tyres and gives an unpleasant ride in the future. 

  • When you start up your engine, move your vehicle back and forth.
  • This will rotate tyres and leave no flat spots.
  • Distributes air pressure and will not leave tyres under-inflated.



Well, one might think of what benefit this could bring. We say it could help you in an emergency and maybe protect your car too.

  • Maintain a full tank whenever possible.
  • A full tank will ensure there is no fuel contamination because of condensation.
  • Since your car is also on lockdown, there is no fuel running through powertrains, which could lead to malfunction of tiny components.



Yes, you heard it right. 

  • Leaving your handbrakes for long could cause locking of brake pads or shoes.
  • Release parking brakes if parked only on a leveled parking slot. 
  • Cars parked on inclined parking slots will have to be supported by choke blocks before releasing the hand brake.



It is an ideal time to get a car cover if you are going to leave your car out in the sun. Secure it properly to your car to prevent it from flying off. 

Stay safe! Shop smart!