Gift your car a new shine today!!!

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Gift your car a new shine today!!!
December 23rd, 2019

Gift your car a new shine today!!!

How? Well, that calls for regular maintenance, which of course is expensive. Is there a short-cut? 

Yes! Take our advice and make car polishing an occasional therapy for your car.  

We at Sayaraa are vehicle lovers by heart and considers regular car maintenance a priority. So, we would like your car to feel privileged by our services. 

For most car owners polishing is often neglected and overshadowed by waxing and sealants. Did you know polishing is by far the most beneficial step in maintaining the pristine appearance of your car?

All Sayaraa vendors consider car polishing a ritual that has to be done very carefully and precisely. A simple explanation of the polishing process would be this:
‘After your car wash, the polish is applied with a Dual Action (DA) cleaning machine and a cleaning cushion, then polished a spot at a time.’ It is much simpler than re-painting your car, but with the same outcome. A shiny, glossy car

We advise car polishing for the following advantages:

-  It corrects paint defects.
-  Eliminates Scratches. 
-  Makes spots invisible.
-  Makes car shiny and glossy.

So, how often should you polish your car? We recommend doing it twice a year. Even thrice, for that extra car indulgence.

Go and gift your car that polishing today. Download Sayaraa, find your preferred service center and let them handle the rest.