Doorstep Car Wash - A lock-down must have!

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Doorstep Car Wash - A lock-down must have!
April 23rd, 2020

Doorstep Car Wash - A lock-down must have!

Almost all our cars are parked in the safety of a garage or left out in the open. Only a very small percentage of cars are running, to a store nearby or for an emergency or a drop-off at work. Whatever it is, we suggest keeping your cars clean inside-out.

The UAE being a dusty place does not show its mercy on vehicles. Leaving your cars in the open means exposing it to the wind, dust, bird droppings, and rain. This might affect your car adversely in the long run. For example, bird droppings if not cleaned on time will even lead to your car paint peeling off. So, you should consider car washing a priority.

So, is a car wash permitted in these uncertain times? Few of the carwash stations are open for some part of the day or not at all. You may drive to a car wash station with definite precautions. Wearing a mask, gloves, and carrying a sanitizer is suggested. We suggest considering another safe car wash option: a doorstep wash.

What is a Doorstep car wash?

Doorstep carwash is nothing but, a car wash company coming to your parking slot and providing a station-like wash, with much less water than a normal wash. There are multiple options like a steam wash, less than a liter wash, to name a few. You may book a wash at your convenience from a car service app like ours, Sayaraa.

Why should you opt for a Doorstep car wash?

Convenience is undeniably the USP of a Doorstep carwash, during a lockdown or otherwise. Also, in a few countries especially in the UAE, not keeping your car clean might land you with hefty fines. So, when you cannot rush to a wash station, doorstep service might be the next best choice.

What is the relevance of a doorstep wash during a lockdown?

Besides convenience, there are other reasons why we should opt for a doorstep wash during a lockdown. Going to a carwash station might get you exposed to microbes. But, if your place of residence has strict closure of all services, you might want to keep your car clean by yourselves, abiding by local laws.

Most doorstep washes are accepting online payments only instead of cash payments to promote contactless pay options. So, you can relax at home and will not have to step out of your home during the wash. If you are getting your interiors cleaned/sanitized, make sure you unlock the car remotely or just before the wash starts. Do not hand over your keys to the service personnel.

Opt for a doorstep service today and stay home safely. Make cleaning your car a priority today.